Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A question for France

Why is there no authentic Italian cheese available? You share a border with Italy, yet you cover your pizzas with Emmental (which tastes like Swiss), and your pasta and sauce get no cheese (unless it's Emmental again). It's disappointing, what with me being from an Italian background. I know you're very proud of your 300+ varieties of cheese. I've tried quite a few and I agree, they're very good. However, perhaps your cheese pride has left you a bit arrogant. You're so close to Italy and with the CEE, wouldn't importing real Italian cheeses be lucrative? Try it. Try some mozzarella on the pizza. Try some parmigiano on the spaghetti. It's good, really. The Italians have been doing it for years.

Oh and while you're at it, put some damn basil and oregano in your pasta sauces.

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Samantha said...

Ha! Excellent question! While we're putting requests in, can I throw Cheddar in there?

Seriously though, I was really happy though last year when I saw that grocery stores in my area started offering shredded mozzarella - it tastes like crap, but at least it's easier to use in pasta and on pizza than the watery, chunky kind.

And awhile back, I bought some "real" parmesan for 32€ a kilo from a cheese shop. I was SO disappointed in how it tasted, especially for that price. I actually prefered the grated paremsan you can buy at the grocery store, how sad is that??

PS. I second you on the crappy pasta sauce - I'm constantly dumping in tons of herbes de provence when I cook with it!