Monday, December 10, 2007


So today was...hey let's do the point system!

+2: I woke up at a good time and ate breakfast.
-1: I got out of bed an hour after my alarm.
+2: I got a lot of good work done this morning.
+1: I finally wrote thank you emails.
+1: Dad was able to email my unofficial transcripts to UMinn because I don't know why, but Yahoo(!) mail was getting lost in the transfer.
+1: I bought ~65€ worth of train tickets for Christmas vacation.
+1: They were serving chicken!!! for lunch today at the cantine (high school cafeteria). Finally a meat I recognize and enjoy! (I'm really tired of pork.)
-5: School One's fourth graders suck it. They do not listen and they waste time. I totally blew up at them, after which I promptly broke into tears in the bathroom.
+5: I got a package from Mom and Dad!! Full of Christmas presents wrapped in Christmas paper!! With a cute little note attached!! That totally made my day. I could have been deported today and I would have still smiled.
+1: Monsieur Modeste, the directeur (principal) of School One totally has my back about the fourth graders.
+1: Catherine, the teacher of said fourth graders, is equally sympathetic about the situation but she can't do much except warn them sternly beforehand and scream at them afterward (which she did) because she's up in maternelle (preschool) during their English lesson.
+1: School One's third graders LOVED Maggie's students' letters. They were so impressed that they were able to understand parts of them! Awww...just...raise your hand if you have a question?
+1: School Two's crazy fourth graders did well despite talking way too much. I'm starting to like them despite them. M* is still a brat, B* is still clueless, C* is still a crybaby, A* and S* are still my favorites, and F* and M* need to give it a rest until high school.
+1: I'm still in France.

Today's total is: +12! Ok good. If it was negative, I'd have to leave or something.

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