Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I like lists. They're easier to read.

1. I woke up at a decent time today and ate breakfast.

2. I did a lot of really good work before my classes.

3. The photocopier at School Three was en panne; basically there was a paper jam that they couldn't figure out. The teachers there don't really know how to deal with my presence and I can't figure out how to approach them, so I couldn't tell them that un-jamming photocopiers was basically my summer job. So I couldn't use that photocopier. Not bad, just possibly...embettant. I don't know what the translation would be.

4. My classes ROCKED. School Three's fourth graders did awesome on their letters. F* didn't participate as usual, and when the class ended, he handed me a piece of paper with "SALU" (it's supposed to be salut) saying "Can you send this?" No, F*, you chose not to pay attention or participate. I gave you lines to copy and you didn't do that either. No. E* was really spacey today and I took away a point, which I gave back when he decided to focus on the work. It worked!! I'm starting to like these kids despite them.

5. Lunch at the cantine was nice. I sat with Blandine and Karine, the English teachers, and Marie, the substitute English teacher. Blandine invited me and Rocio to her house and to Christmas Eve Mass with her family!!! How sweet!! Now I have to find something to bring for them. Eek! Some brainstorming also created a little Réunion-Mexico-US soirée at our apartment next week for the high school language teachers and ourselves. Someone help me think of something uniquely American to make that does not require an oven. Oooh I have orange Jello?

6. School Two's three classes did awesome. I was so proud of them. I love when they work well, when they pay attention, and when they're not little devils.

7. I. Did. So. Much. Work. Tonight. Dinner was nice with all of the roomies and Marie.
8. It's trying desperately to snow here but it's just not sticking. I miss snow!

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