Monday, December 10, 2007

Musings about France.

This is so typical of culture shock.

Things that would never work in France:
1. Atkins Diet,low-/no-carb diets
2. Non-smoking restaurants and bars (it's supposed to be law as of January 2008; yeeeah right)
3. credit cards (what, no prélevement automatique?)
4. universally privatized higher education
5. "Work more to earn more". Sorry Sarko.
6. SUVs. (Mom, your Suburban would just not work although I have seen some Hyundais and even a Jeep.)
7. taking responsibility for your own actions, independence, modesty, humility

I am very tired of disgustingly vulgar French youth with no respect for my (very American) personal space, of being able to smell people even if it's a good smell, of public transport, and of living with people.

Oh my goodness I'm here until the first week of July??


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