Saturday, December 8, 2007

Day 75. Is anyone counting the other way?

Things that have happened recently:

1. I have two weeks of school left before vacation.
2. Vacation plans are being finalized. A train strike starting December 13 may or may not affect these plans, and as such no train tickets have been purchased. *#&%#)%!! railroad workers.
3. School on Friday went all right. Luckily it ended.
4. Françoise, the high school accounting office lady who I stayed with for my first two days in Ussel and who has helped me through a number of things, is very sympathetic to my France Orange internet troubles. After discussing my difficulties, she will call Tech Support and see what's up. Although it's working fine today. There was, however, about a six hour gap on Thursday where it wasn't.
5. I went grocery shopping.
6. I cleaned the apartment. I burned candles which I am convinced also burn evil nasty smells of apartments where people don't clean. Where is this dust coming from? So confusing.
7. I bought some Christmas presents.
8. I should start some more graduate applications.
9. I should write some emails.
10. I should write some Christmas cards.
11. I should do some schoolwork.
12. I am going to...a tiny village outside of Brive tomorrow with Courtney, Sashi, and Madame Renson. There is a Christmas market.
13. I need new slippers. The ones I bought here are already disgusting. Ew.
14. How pathetic is it that I'm bored? I'm in friggin EUROPE and I'm bored out of my skull.

Life in small-town France is realllly quiet.


Samantha said...

Ha! I just counted how many weeks of actual work we had left this morning. (It's 14 in case you're wondering, LOL).

Nicholas said...

if you wear socks with your slippers, they last longer.

i dont know what to get anyone for xmas. i need my big sister to help with xmas shopping.