Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More lists!

1. I woke up today and ate breakfast. This is important because I've been having a hard time doing it recently. However, it's not a total WIN! because I got out of bed an hour after my alarm and breakfast in France is mostly chocolate. I really should add in some OJ.

2. I went to centre ville to do laundry, buy some cards, do some massive (and expensive!!!) photocopying, buy a very expensive umbrella that I'm debating whether I will and even if I am allowed to return, and some post office busy-ness.

3. I asked the laundry lady here at the high school how often I'm allowed to trade in my dirty sheets for clean sheets. Normalement, once a month but for me, every two weeks. Aww, thanks! I'm not going to do that though...I really don't like people going out of their way for me. I also asked if there was anything available at the high school linen office that would make my bed less Flinestone-y. No. Hmmm. Ikea?

4. I. Did. A TON OF WORK. Today. Yay!!! My evaluations and review packets are done. The next four class days are done. The last two class days of the marking period will be (shhh) Christmas and winter in New York and the US.

5. I cleaned some of the kitchen. This is also a symptom of Stage 2 of culture shock. You develop a heightened sense of cleanliness and are easily annoyed. Add this to my fairly inflexible attitude and the fact that I'm really fatigued of sharing my living space with others. But it's not my roommates' fault. They're fine. I'm just going slightly crazy.

Yes. France is so silly that it's making me silly. Cannot WAIT for this weekend - I have a bottle of Cotes de Rhone and a TV program waiting for me on Friday night. I am amazing.

Also, I love my boyfriend. I'm proud to be his girlfriend. Who else can make me smile that much with just his voice. I miss him and can't wait to see him. He doesn't read this blog often, but he knows. :) Silly Andy.

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