Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Exciting news from the silly world of France.

Sometimes I forget that I'm on a different continent. There's a lot of physical and mental separation between Europe and North America. Sometimes I wonder how much of it I actually comprehend and realize, and how much of it I just let slide.

I have come to the conclusion that I love love love the SNCF (when they aren't on strike for having to retire when everyone else does). I love my Carte 12-25 that gets me usually 50% off any ticket. I love how efficient it is. I do not like, however, that I live in a teeny tiny town that is only served by three regional train lines, but whatever. At least I can get out if need be. Which I did! Today! I went to Tulle! To pick up my...*dun dun dun* CARTE DE SEJOUR! (And temporary work authorization card but not as cool as the infamous CdS.) This is my official residency card that makes me legal of for the length of my stay here in France. Not that I wasn't before, but my visa and receipt of filling out my carte de séjour were just temporary until this magic pretty laminated card came. It expires the same date that my contract does, June 30, 2008. I will be coming home ASAP after that date. I no longer have a contract past then so I can't be paid so I'm not working. Oh heck no. But the reason this paragraph started with my conclusion regarding the French state-subsidized nationwide public transportation system is because I took a bus to and from Tulle. I enjoy buses more than trains. You see more towns, you see more countryside, you can buy your ticket right from the driver, the driver is really friendly, and it's generally more pleasant. Also French bus drivers are crazy.

I did massive loads of work when I got home at lunch, and hopefully tomorrow's lessons won't suck terribly. I just hope I have enough for the entire class periods!

I would still like to know if and when I'm ever receiving my social security card. But no bother.

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