Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fun things that have happened recently, in list form:

1. The annoying fourth graders at School Three did really well with a dialogue exercise. There are only eight of them, but it's eight really strong personalities. Once I sent F* to the principal's office, they did much better, and when he was sent back, even he did well with the dialogue. Lucky his partner was Nice T* (not to be confused with Rude T* in the third grade class School Three) who helped him out quite a bit.

2. My two fifth grade classes at School Two were amazing. We did "What are you wearing? What is he/she wearing? I'm wearing... She/He's wearing..." in a telephone game and it worked SO well. I was so impressed. A good clue that an activity is working is when I'm not talking anymore. That means that the students understand the directions and they're actively participating and behaving. It was really cool. They totally get the structure of the sentences, and I'm just really proud of them. They're really smart kids.

3. One of my fourth grade classes at School Two just could not get the hang of the structure "I'm from France. I'm French." It was really frustrating. It was odd because this class is usually better than their counterparts at School Three. Oh well. Moving on.

4. I officially have my recepisse (receipt, sort of) for my residency card!! This is fantastic news. Granted, it expires two weeks after my visa does but the lady at the office told me I should have my real residency card by then. Hooray!!

5. I bought a coaxial cable and now we have television. All five (I think?) free channels. Oh the decadence...Ben doesn't watch tv (really?) but Rocio was really looking forward to it so for 6E, we have tele. Woohoo.

6. Vacation is coming up and I really don't want to wait for two very full days to go by before I can get on trains and start moving! I want to see more things than plain simple tranquil Ussel.

7. I'm having some difficulty uploading pictures online. Yahoo! Photos has become Flickr, and I haven't figured out Flickr's terminology. They have "sets" and "collections" and I don't know how to work it. Blogspot/Blogger, the site that hosts my blog, and Picassa are both part of the Google conglomerate, so there's something there I'm not quite getting. Dad uses DotPhoto but I'm just trying to find the simplest way for me to upload and then for others to easily access my photos. Hm.

8. Happy and safe. :)

Miss you and love you all!

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