Wednesday, October 24, 2007

on internet searching and Anglophone resources

So I did a Google search for long distance relationships because why not, and the results were intriguing.
1. I'm tired of the first search result being a Wiki-something. Enough with Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikihow, Wikitravel.
2. Is there nothing the BBC can't do?? In addition to being a treasure trove of English education resources, it offers advice too? I can't wait for more BBC answers to my internet questions.
3. I am currently looking for a website that shows Scrubs and The Office (US version) online for free. doesn't work here, as my IP address shows I'm clearly outside of the US. I've been bouncing around but so far, I haven't found what I'm looking for. I could buy each episode for $1.99 through iTunes, but if it exists for free, I'd rather that. I have found Family Guy (and American Dad), and would also be interested in Robot Chicken.
My life is ridiculous. Who gets to work 12 hours a week, get two week vacations every two months, and do whatever they want for the remaining hours?? I have got to find some more liberry books.

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Anonymous said...

For free American shows, download BitLord first, then download episodes through