Monday, August 13, 2007

Technology woes

So a big reason I bought this laptop was because it has a built-in webcam and microphone. Somehow, in my experimenting, I have either disabled it and/or made it so "another program has locked this device." Attempts at video chat via AIM or this other program Mom has been using on Henry (the parents' computer) called SightSpeed have been unsuccessful.
I may bring this whole thing to Geek Squad and ask them to make the webcam work and show me how to work it. I feel very silly.

In other news, the visa appointment arrangements have been moving into place, which is exciting. I just really need that visa before I get my ticket. AHHH.

A housing option for me may be, aside from a room at the high school dorm which I won't hear anything about until August 25th at the earliest, may be what's called a Foyer de Jeunes Travailleurs (housing arrangements for young workers). There is one in the town I'll be in but they don't have a website or email. They do have fax. I may fax them a letter to see if they have any availabilities for a female. This is rather late so the possibilities of an opening are slim but who knows. I can't fax that from work though. The international fax would probably throw up some red light somewhere.

I just REALLY want to go to France soon.

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