Thursday, August 9, 2007

Les vacances! / Vacations!

I know many people are interested to know when my vacations will be while in France. The school calendar is set, like everything else in education, by the National Education Ministry in Paris. Each académie/BOCES is assigned a zone, and each of the three zones is scheduled vacations so that all of France's schoolchildren aren't on vacation at once. Can you imagine the chaos. The vacations do coincide a little. I am in Zone B, which includes a number of other académies. But enough explanation.

Start of school for teachers: Monday, September 3
Start of school for students: Tuesday, September 4
Toussaint holiday: Saturday, October 27 to Thursday, November 8
Christmas: Saturday, December 22 to Monday, January 7
Winter: Saturday, February 9 to Monday, February 25
Spring: Saturday, April 5 to Monday, April 21

The first day of my contract is October 1 and the last day is June 30. However, I will not be in the classroom for the first day as there is a workshop, and then there is observation, and from reports from former assistants, I probably will not be doing anything for real in front of the students until the end of October.

I have got to figure out how to turn off this mousepad thingy on the laptop. It is really messing me up.

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