Monday, March 3, 2008


If I've learned anything in my short twenty-three years on the planet, it's that you must be proactive. The squeaky wheel gets the grease; if you want something, ask; if you want something done, do it; no one is going to wait for you. In light of this, here are some things that I've managed to do lately to improve my mood, body, mind, and general well-being. They're small, but it just shows that it doesn't take much to make a big difference, and the commitment can be worth more than the act.

1. Exercise daily. I have a routine of very simple exercises from elementary school phys ed and from the gym at home. It's probably not going to do much in the way of losing weight or toning, but I feel better at least.
2. Podcasts! NPR's Talk of the Nation, TF1's 20H (French private news station), and YogAmazing (currently downloading Episode 115: yoga for snowboarders and skiers...).
3. Downloading some super upbeat music from home. Andy sent me our new favorite CDs and I've downloaded a bunch of songs that I've heard here. Having fun happy music to listen to on my way to and from school puts me in a good mood.
4. Drinking lots of water.
5. Shaving, pumice stoning my feet, and lotioning daily. This is a big deal when I have to hold the shower head and kneel in the bathtub.
6. Breakfast every day with hot chocolate (milk!) and whole wheat toast.
7. Make a conscious decision to let the little things about sharing my living space slide. And it's all little things.
8. Read twenty pages a night of French.

School wasn't so good today but I'm not letting it bother me as much as it would have say, a year ago today. I'm not letting it completely roll off my shoulders, but I'm not dwelling on it and make me miserable. It's partly due to poor planning and anticipation, and partly the students' lack of attention. Tomorrow will be better because I say so.

[Homesickness comes in really sharp pangs now, like attacks. It's very unpleasant.]

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Nikki said...

1) LOL at the shower comment. I feel your pain.
2) Homesickness... again I hear ya. Seems it's even tougher now than it was 3 months ago. Wonder why that is.
3) Lamecore is all yours, I'd be lying if I said I didn't steal it from someone else!!!