Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It shouldn't be funny...

Hands down, one of my favorite fourth graders today:

Me: What do you have for breakfast?

Really strongly, really fast, and really quickly after my question. Ahahahaha. That made my day.

This class of fourth graders also really likes the game where all of their vocabulary "words" (we do English word = picture) are on the board, they close their eyes and put their heads down, I take one away, and ask the question that matches. They have to figure out which one's missing. I will not understand why they like it so much. It's sooo boring.

I like my yoga podcasts. It puts me in a good mood.

It SNOWED today!! For real snow! It was pretty wet and it's not really accumulating more than a centimeter or so, but still! Snow! Finally, my fifth graders got to practice their weather vocabulary. I do love Christophe's fifth graders.

I wish I could take pictures of them and give you their real names because they have the coolest names ever. I'll remember them just like I do Tracy's and Rhonda's students though, I'm sure. I'll never throw out my class rosters on my computer though. Those names are precious and hold so many memories.

Tomorrow I will write up the written lessons, put money on my high school meal card, put money on my elementary school meal card, plan my tutoring lesson, buy a good quality baguette, talk to Francoise, do some serious reading...

Anyone want to fly over to give me a hug and a kiss? I miss you. Good thing there's snow. Snow always does something for me.


Nikki said...

Cute. I want bacon! Mmm, bacon... and pancakes... not crepes but real buttermilk pancakes...
Yay snow! Just been windy as all heck here in Troyes :(

Nikki said...

Oh yeah... gonna try to find you on Facebook right now!

Emily said...

Hi! I loved LR; I was actually there for a spring semester, so it was cold and rainy for the first 2 months. And yes I am in a nice sunny spot in the south :) Anyhow, thanks for finding me on here, and know that I am going to read your blog now and pretend that I am in France too :)