Monday, January 28, 2008

Frustrating day Number 127.

I did everything "right" today, but things just didn't work out. Let's do the point system because that usually puts things into perspective.

+: Woke up at a decent time to eat breakfast.
+: Printed tons of stuff out at the liberry. (That's how I spell it.)
-: Boudin noir for lunch. I've tried it before. It's not awful but it's nothing special.
+: Monsieur Paillous is a very nice man.
-: Pascal, the talkative teacher, needs to read some real books about American politics that aren't written by French people and are about something other than American radicalism. I really wanted to tell him off but I wasn't able to find the words to say that politely and forcefully.
-: School One's fourth graders will not shut up.
+: School One's fourth graders loved the review activity.
-: School One's third graders will not shut up, and B* and L* need to cut it out.
-: School Two's difficult fourth graders will not shut up and totally blew the review activity.
-: I need to stick to my house discipline system.
+: I watched ninety minutes of French TV today: a game show called Des Chiffres et des Lettres which is like Boggle and Numbers Boggle, another game show called Questions pour un champion which is like Jeopardy and is really good for my cultural knowledge, and the news. Oh and tons of commercials. I love the commercials.
+: Comfortable food for dinner.
+: Karine and Delphine were at dinner.
-: Pascal was at dinner, and talked about horseshoe crabs ("It's not a crab. It's not a crab." OK I GET IT BUT IT'S CALLED A CRAB.), millipedes, and American soap operas from the 70s like Dynasty and Dallas. Oh my goodness. This man is insufferable. There is more than just you in this "conversation," sir.

So the total: 0. I guess it all evens out.

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