Sunday, December 23, 2007


A few years ago, I had an online journal through LiveJournal. I still have the account but I don't post in my own journal anymore. I just use it to follow some communities.

I was reading through my second year of college because I'm avoiding real work like the plague. I was a very high-strung little girl then, completely fascinated with boys, overachieving, and fairly conceited.

Did I know who I'd be now? Did I have any idea what I'd be doing now? Did I know that those missteps with those silly boys led me to a wonderful relationship with a strong, intelligent man who loves me? Did I know that all those hours spent in the liberry would land me an awesome job? Did I know that all of those tutoring sessions and TA-ing credits would teach me what works in a classroom? Did I know that I'd still lean on those same professors for support? Did I know that some friends don't last forever? Did I realize that those years at Cortland were some of the best years of my life?

I'm proud of where and who I was. I'm very very proud of where and who I am now. I still have no idea what the next years will hold for me; I only know what I want.

I could really use a hug. Or a Star Trek transporter beam.

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