Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Saturday where I actually did stuff!

I went to the post office to ask about the packages that Andy and Dad sent. The lady there, in classic French "I don't give a damn about your problem and will do nothing outside of my immediate job description to help you out" fashion, sent me to the Point Courrier or postal depot to ask them. Luckily the depot isn't terribly far. So I speak to a lady who was trying her best to help me understand my options, but apparently my confusion called the attention of the office manager. He had me write down my name, phone number, real address, the address that was marked on the package, and promised to call. I doubted that, highly.

I bought yogurt, kiwis, bleu d'Auvergne cheese, gout exotique flavored water (I love France!), bread, and a thank you gift plant for Blandine on Christmas Eve. Shopping is dangerous. Also, I bought cookies. France, could you please make a box of cookies more expensive so I wouldn't be so tempted to buy them. I love cookies.

I also got a sammich from the sandwich shop down the street. Same place made the awesome pizza from Wednesday night. It's called Chez Sandrine and I think Sandrine is the only person who works there. Good for her.

I planned four of six lessons for the first week of school after vacation, and prepared materials for two of those. My fourth graders are going to do a family and personal description unit. Usually, these kind of lessons focus on the British Royal family. One of my fourth grade class is fascinated with England and the royal family in particular. I'm going to do the Bush family instead. Go USA! Hahahaha.

Having been hand-held through the absolutely most basic workings of BitTorrent and MiniNova by Shannon, I am now downloading entirely too much American TV. Seriously. I do not need this but it gives me something to do. It is entertaining.

The doorbell rang at about 1:30. Nathalie, one of the surveillantes or guidance counselors or resident assistants here at the high school who lives upstairs, said that I have a package. The truck was outside waiting for me. Um, ok?? So I go outside and the dude is waiting outside the garage under the building. I sign and it's ANDY'S package! I miss him a lot. Thank you baby. I love you.

Hopefully I'll hear something about Dad's package. The man at the postal depot actually did call to say that a package was delivered today in my mailbox, which was actually one of the two ink cartridges I ordered online. Well thanks for calling sir, but that's neither of the packages I was concerned about.

I also got a Christmas card from Pops and Grandma today! I LOVE getting mail :-)

I still have sooo much work to do!

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