Friday, December 14, 2007

A good Friday.

My roommates left for the weekend. Ben went to Toulouse to stay with the daughter of Marie-Jo, one of the English teachers at the high school. If you ever wanted to meet a more Anglo-Saxon French woman, meet Marie-Jo. Her daughter Eloise has the baby son Thibault who loves magazines. They are fantastic people. So that's where Ben is. Toulouse.

Rocio's weekend plans evolved from escorting Marie, the substitute English teacher from Reunion who is super cool, to the train station to accompanying Marie to her real home in Limoges. So they're in Limoges this weekend.

This afternoon, I took a really French two-hour lunch break to eat lunch, bounce around online, and rest. Then I went photo shooting. Updated photos are online.

But now my roommates are gone. I was really looking forward to watching TV tonight with Rocio. But now I have 100g of chocolate from Celine (the bestest boulangerie - patisserie - chocolaterie - salon de the dans la Correze ou peut-etre dans le Limousin) and a bottle of wine that I am halfway through already.

Hahahaha Windows is checking for solutions to the 619 reported problems in the recent past regarding Internet Explorer. I use Firefox because Skype messes with IE. I don't know why. Skype messes with Andy's computer too.

Friday nights in Ussel are awesome.

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