Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And what actually got accomplished today, part 2:

4. Successfully disposed of dirty sheets and procured new clean and freshly starched sheets from the high school The washing lady was super sweet and complimented me on my French. Awww! I'm very happy. I have clean sheets. Two months is really gross to go without washing your bed. Ewwwie.
5. Planned out the rest of this période. It's getting to crunch time. However, tomorrow's and definitely Friday's lessons are not very well planned out at all. I just know when the évalutations will be, when we're writing letters to Mom's and Maggie's students, and when we're doing serious review. Ahhh tomorrow is going to be ROUGH.
6. Ben and I recorded some listening exercises for my fourth graders!! It worked really well. Now I just have to hope that whatever CD players are available in my schools can read CD-Rs. Fat chance, but whatev. I'm so stoked. We had fun with it too. One of the very few times we've spoken English to each other.
7. So apparently it's normal that the magic internet box finds its new favorite satellite every day. What's not normal is that it takes FOREVER to do so. The very patient man at France Orange told me I should call Tech Support, to which I groaned and said oh my goodness please no, those ladies on the phone are really mean. Well whatever. Ben was equally disappointed.
8. I totally cleaned.
9. I made hotel reservations for Christmas break! I'm visiting Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, and Dijon. I will post a more detailed itinerary including links to the cities' tourism office pages and hotels. Yay for vacations!!

Happy happy day. France is silly but I'm a happy girl. I will be sooo depressed when I'm in the States...

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