Monday, June 2, 2008

Why living in France rocks:

I woke up this morning in a funk. I dragged myself to the high school liberry (don't worry, my fifth graders say library) to get some work done and replan my lessons. Lunch at the high school cantine was lamb. I have hated every lamb plate I've ever tried so I ate at the apartment. I struggled through my three classes, and so did my students.

I finally got home a little after 5:00pm (that feels so weird to write). I had done some minor shopping at Leader Price for the basics. I did my exercises and took a shower. I made some dinner and watched some TV.

I then remembered that I had half a bottle of Loire Valley red wine. That glass has seriously made me feel better. It's not the alcohol; it's just something in red wine that makes me feel good. I like it. White wines will never do this for me. Yay for world-class high quality yet inexpensive wines to pick yourself up after a funky day.

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