Wednesday, May 14, 2008

...long long time ago...

Not much to update, honestly.

Still teaching small funny French children about English with wildly varied success and hysterically frustrating failures. Still super anxious about coming home, both positively and negatively.

My weight has seriously started to bother me. The first thing I'm doing when I get home to the States is the annual family vacation to Cape Cod, where we either go to the beach or go to the pond, both activities requiring a bathing suit and a body without nine months' worth of cheese and Nutella.

But oh my goodness, Nutelllllla...

So I'm exercising a lot and watching what I eat. Drinking lots of water and green tea.

There's a Russian choral recital on Friday night. I'd be going alone, if I go at all. Opinions?

Saturday night is the Nuit des Musées, or the Night at the Museum. The Ussel Museum (I know, right) is having a little pre-season celebration with special exhibits and presentations (and apparently a little apéro!) for FREE. This is cool because the museum is only open in July and August, and I'm terribly fascinated by what could possibly be in this po-dunk town's museum. More Ventadour memorabilia? Cows?

On Sunday, I have been invited to Françoise's best friend Hélène's lakehouse. Hélène is the mother of Pierre, a junior at the high school who is super in English and with whom I have hung out in addition to his friend Daniel and Ben. Pierre is better than TV. He's a very funny little boy. Ben had apparently been teaching them American slang, and Pierre tried some out on me once. Ahhh that was funny and in any other situation, incredibly offensive. I'm bringing American potato salad.

Three classes tomorrow, three classes Friday...less than 60 days left. Oh the mixed emotions.

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Au Soleil Levant said...

Definitely go to the choral recital. You will regret it if you don't. Man I really hope you guys have cows in your mueum! We have a museum in Soissons, and they have some really cool Celtic burial archeological stuff and a neat display on the evolution of communities in this area.