Sunday, May 4, 2008

A fairly productive weekend!

I went to the market on Saturday, and it was very productive! I got beautiful fresh strawberries that I've been cutting into slices and drizzling with honey. Delicious! I also got a head of lettuce which is more filling than it looks. I got orange juice and a pot of confiture de lait, which is a sweet spread made from cooking sweetened condensed milk until it caramelises. I've been told it's fantastic on apple slices. Yummy! I also got a half a loaf of un pain for Sunday and Monday's breakfast. Bread just tastes so much better in the morning than toast.

I re-planned my tutoring lesson for Saturday evening which went nicely. It's so hard to find grammar exercises that challenge her, that she can understand, and that don't require huge amounts of explanation for me. I have no idea what this tense is called in English: "I have done." Present perfect? Also, in the sentence "I asked my doctor a question," which is the direct object and which is the indirect object? Goodness.

I also FINALLY got my return ticket wrangled. My ticket is a Reward (frequent flier) ticket so there are restrictions on flights. The flight I wanted on Sunday, June 29 has no openings for me. The best Leslie, the super duper awesome international desk representative, found me was the earliest flight available on Tuesday, July 1. Close enough! Here it is:
7:00am Paris -> 8:00amish Geneva
9:15am Geneva -> 12:00 noon Newark
It's like time travel! I have no idea how flying across time zones works. From Newark, I have a number of options:
1. Buy the $260 ticket for the flight to Syracuse.
2. Take the shuttle ($15) to the Port Authority and catch a Greyhound bus ($60) to Syracuse.
3. Take the shuttle ($15) to Penn Station and catch an Amtrak train ($50) to Syracuse.
4. Take a taxi (approx. $3,921) to Syracuse.
5. Have Dad come pick me up.
At least I'm over the water. Once I'm in North America I can figure it out. Also, the least time spent in Newark the better. There is awful food and you have to pay for the wifi. Very unpleasant.

Today I vacuumed my room and the living room in addition to the linoleum in the hallway and kitchen, did some laundry, and am considering a walk. I'm also going to exercise twice a day. My exercise routine is only thirty minutes.

I kinda feel like a nap. Or a big piece of chocolate something.

Françoise's cat, Tahini, went out last night and I have not seen her since. She was starting fights with the other random cats on the high school grounds. I'm slightly worried. Françoise insists "She has to live her life" but if something happens to Tahini while I'm home alone, I will feel so guilty. Tahini also whines at me a lot.

Ok, let me get something intelligent accomplished.

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Jennie said...

"I have done" is the present perfect tense. Technically, it's a past tense, so I don't know why it's called PRESENT perfect. So confusing. Anyway, has or have + past participle is the present perfect, while had + past participle is the past perfect. I have examples of all the verb tenses on my English grammar page if you want a refresher.

In the other sentence, a question is the direct object and my doctor is the indirect object. You could switch it around and say "I asked a question TO my doctor." This is similar to "I bought my mom a present" where my mom is the indirect and a present is the direct. You could also switch it around and say "I bought a present FOR my mom." As long as you can somehow put to or for in front of an object and have it still make some sort of sense, it's the indirect object. And usually, if there are two objects (and no to or for already in the sentence), the first one is indirect and the second is direct.