Monday, April 28, 2008

Short post:

It's been a crazy couple of days: giving evaluations, grading evaluations, writing up marking period reports, planning three of the most messed-up weeks ever, moving out, cleaning our apartment that never is 100% clean.

In my quiet moments, this is what I do:

cute puppy pictures

I miss everyone so much, but I only have two more months left. In teaching terms, this means "Oh my goodness, that's it?!"

As much as the students annoy the bejeepers out of me and simultaneously frustrating, rewarding, and hysterical, I do love this job. I have the best colleagues ever. I have the best students ever too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rose. Just wanted to thank you for all the cards you've sent me.
Really enjoyed getting them.
The stamps probably busted your credit card!!
Anyway, what are you going to do after France? Have you decided yet?
Will be great to see you!!
Love ya,