Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm home sick from school today.

I have a sore throat.

I walked 1.5 hours in the dry cold yesterday.

I had to go to the train station.

I had a meeting in Tulle.

So now I have a sore throat, a fever, body aches, and a headache.

That's the backward explanation. I'm not even getting reimbursed for the transportation costs.

I'm feeling pretty sucky today. Thursdays are my busiest days which means five classes are missing English. It's not so bad in the long run, but I feel horrible about it. It's especially bad because two of these classes already missed Monday's lesson due to a field trip to the movies. (What?) If I was in the States, I could suck it up and just go to school and lie low. But the biggest problem here is that I walk to school. And today I have three schools to go to. And it's cold and dry out. I don't feel well enough to do all that.

So I called all my schools and it's ok. I told them all, "We can discuss making up the missed hours when I get back," but no one really seemed to care. Which would be fabulous because let's face it. It's only English. If the kids miss a lesson, it's not a big deal.

On the bright side, I made more than a dozen centers activities for my third graders. I am so psyched! Hopefully it'll work. We'll see. And maybe today on my impromptu day off, I can make some more centers activities for my fourth and fifth graders. I have an idea for a Clue-like game for the fifth graders...

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Au Soleil Levant said...

It definitely sounds like you have the flu. Drink lots of fluids, rest a lot, and don't even think about getting out of bed to go to school! Feel better soon.