Thursday, February 7, 2008

University of Minnesota

So less than a week after the Graduate Admissions office sent my application to the Education and Curriculum department for review, a decision has been reached. I have not been accepted to the University of Minnesota. I'm kinda bummed about this. I mean, I have a stellar GPA, very modest GRE scores, an impressive resume, and my recommendations were from my most respected mentors and teachers. What else did they want?? Is this going to hurt my chances when I (a) reapply to the Master's program or (b) apply to the PhD program?? The Second Language and Culture Education program there is just about perfect for what I'm interested in...I'm second-guessing myself now. Ahhh at least I don't feel as awful about this as when Midd rejected me. I wonder why. But still. What else did they want?? Pooey.

At least UWisc-Mad liked me. That phone call just about made my evening.


Nicholas said...

so does this mean youre gonna go to UWisconsin?

should i start painting your room red and gold when i go home for break?

i think dads gonna try to get me to paint in between my naps anyways, so painting a different color would be a nice change of pace.

Oma(testing) said...

testing out this for oma


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
Sorry you didn't make Minnisota but you made Wisconson!!

Love, Oma