Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My feet feel like they're in mud...

This week is DRAGGING.

1. I'm sorry B*, but I can't give you the answers when I explain five times in French what the directions say and your answer is "So what do I put?" You put down a sentence or four that describes yourself using two physical and two personal adjectives. I am happy. I am dumb. Whatever you want. EEESH. I could not believe how little this one particular class understood. And to top it off, Catherine's in the back giving me weird looks. Makes me feel sooo stupid. Which I'm not, her students just didn't study.

2. Is vacation here yet?

3. My private tutoring lesson didn't go well. I tried to branch out from straight economic articles to an article on corporate social responsibility. From her body language alone she didn't like it. Oh my goodness girl, you have exhausted my economic knowledge. Let's not ressurect the pain that was Mr. Marks' P&Q graphs, ok?

4. My trains leave on Friday at noon. That is the start of my vacation.

5. Wine and cheese farewell for Ben tomorrow. Silly boy.

6. I'm going to Marseille and Saint-Tropez and NICE and Paris for vacation. Is that decadent or what?

7. I was invited to School Two's Chandeleur party on Friday afternoon - but that's when my trains leave! Awww thanks Sylvie and Christophe! They're awesome people.

8. I had a really good talk with the director of the Wisconsin program. He's very friendly and realistic. Definitely cleared up some of my questions. Good talk.


10. I miss being hugged and getting hugs. I hope Kathy and Liz can help me out with that in a week!

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NikkiMK said...

I agree-- longest week everrrr!!!

Have a blast in the south. I visited Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, etc in 2006 and LOVED it. I'd be jealous except I'm going to Spain & Portugal. Pray for sunshine!