Sunday, November 25, 2007

It has officially been two months of life in France.

And so far, it's been pretty good. Slight hiccups regarding communication connections and teaching is not an easy job, but I'm very thankful for Ben, Rocio, Françoise (Madame Varrierras), the English teachers Blandine, Karine, Karine, and Marie-Jo, Alexia, Jean-François, Madame Renson, Madame Mouty, the teachers at School Two Madame Cousty, Merci Madame, Sylvie, Christophe, Catherine, and Marie-Pierre, Monsieur Paillous and Madame Menardi at the high school intendance, and the numerous other random teachers who take the time to talk to us. I'm thankful that I have parents who support me and help me out in any way they can. I'm thankful for my supportive and loving boyfriend. I'm thankful for my brothers who answer my random IMs with "hiiii rosie." I'm thankful for my best friend who is helping me out immensely and sent me the best care package ever. I'm lucky to be in a school district where I'm wanted, I'm needed, and I'm cared for. I'm lucky to be in a tiny town that still has a train station, the best bakery ever (omg their bread is so tasty, it reminds me of why I missed France), an adorable bookstore I have yet to purchase anything from except a calendar, a laundromat, and a super-supermarket. I'm lucky that the weather is decent. I'm lucky to be paid (in Euros!!!) for less than part-time work and still get full health insurance, paid vacations, and a safe clean roof over my head with people I care about and who care about me.

Yeah. I'm doing ok. I'm doing good.

This weekend was mostly spent arranging the University of Minnesota application and preparing lessons. My tutee didn't come on Saturday evening due to a death in the family, so I spent that time writing lessons and writing papers. I also cleaned the bathroom, toilet, my room (finally!), and the living room. I did the living room because that's where the tutoring sessions are and I like that to be clean. I love Ajax powder. And degreasing disinfecting Monsieur Propre (Mr. Clean!). I dislike the Swiffer-esque mop gadget, but I'm getting used to it.

Tomorrow is the start of running around, trying to get this application to Minnesota in time for the deadline that is FRIDAY. This may be logistically impossible but I refuse to be anything but positive. I can do it.

Since Karla is not coming for February break, I have made a blanket call to other English assistants if they'd like to accompany me on a whirlwind two-week tour of Spain. So far, two girls have responded; Lauren is a high school assistant and Mira is a primary assistant, and they're in the same school district. I wonder if they've met. Anyways. Whatever happens, it will be an exhausting two weeks, with or without travel buddies. Rocio has a cousin in Granada, so I'll be staying there :)

I'm also very much so looking forward to Maggie's visit in April. I'm debating whether or not to do the real 'backpacking through Europe' thing and stay in a hostel, or to splurge and get a nice hotel with served breakfast, a pool, and free wifi. The difference is Maggie's experience and also about 100E a night. Haaa.

France is fun. I'm still looking forward to seeing my family again.

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