Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More of the same limbo.

So today I woke up pretty late because I could NOT sleep last night. I think I had a migraine - splitting headache and nausea. Luckily I was able to sleep it off, but not the side effects of too little sleep and not enough appetite to eat anything.

This morning I met back up with Madame Francoise - where I am also staying tonight because she is the world's nicest lady - and bugged her for a bit. She gave me a little tour of the high school, which in terms of the size of the campus, is similar to American high schools of the same student population, but there are different buildings for the cafeteria, classrooms, various offices (the French love their offices), and dormitories as many high schools in France offer housing for students who live out of town.

The Mexican assistant arrived at lunch. Her name is Rocio (which apparently means soft rain, like sprinkles I guess) and she is from a city called Leon, north of the capital of Mexico. Her French isn't that good, spoken or comprehension, and she was visibly tired by the end of the day. She's all about me sharing the place with her and the American dude, whose name is apparently Ben and from Indiana. Oh Facebook, you are such fun. She had trouble understanding people talking to her, and I really am not the person to ask for translation help; I just get really fatigued and annoyed. Hm. Remind me not to go into translation and interpreting. Hopefully Ben will agree and I will have lodging for a temporary time. Temporary because Ben leaves Ussel at the end of December for a different town, so it would only be me and Rocio. Rocio's contract is until April 30, at which point I would not be allowed in that apartment anymore. At that point, Madame Francoise has told me that we'd look for a studio for the last two months. See? It all works out.

Anyways, the apartment that she and Ben are entitled to is huge. There are three bedrooms, and it is FULLY furnished thanks to the former assistants, two of whom were Argentinian and apparently enjoyed entertaining. I think we'd only need a TV. There is also wifi there. I may not get a landline, but a cell phone may be helpful especially if I plan on travelling. The apartment is also incredibly cheap - last year, for four months, it cost less than 900E. And that was divided by the two assistants who lived there. Um, doable. If I lived there, I wouldn't be eligible for the housing subsidy because I am not technically allowed to be there so the federal offices wouldn't recognize my request, but it wouldn't matter because it's sooo cheap.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Marie-Claude who will show me around to the three (four? who's counting...) schools and maybe even give me my schedule (emploi du temps). Woohoo!

Also, it's still raining. Have I mentioned how much I hate rain.

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