Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bienvenue / Welcome!

Salut / Hello!

This will be my online journal where I will keep my notes about my trip to France to teach English at an elementary school in central, rural, France. I will try to include both the French and closest American English equivalents of terms and titles so that everyone can follow along. We hope ;-)
I received my arrêté de nomination/letter of acceptance from the Académie de Limoges / Limoges BOCES and the Inspéction Académique de la Corrèze / Corrèze District office, saying I will be teaching elementary school English to CM1 and CM2 / fourth and fifth graders in Ussel, a tiny little town in the middle of France.
So far, all I have is a letter saying I have a job, an email saying I may have a room at the high school dormitory, and a bus ticket to New York to (1) see Aunt Karla and (2) apply in person for my visa.
This should prove educational, enlightening, enraging, and lonely.
I sincerely hope to figure out the postal rules for sending alcohol because some people are going to need some wine. And if all else fails, coffee, chocolate, and truffles.
I am very nervous because very little is actually in place right now, nor have I told my supervisors at work that I'm leaving a good three months earlier than they hired me for (it's a temp job).
:-D!!!! I'm very excited.

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